Centre for Research in Constitutional Law and Policy

The Centre for Research in Constitutional Law & Policy (CRCLP), is created with the objective to provide a platform to the students to bring forth their ideas on recent constitutional law development and promote research on constitutional and policy matters.


  • To enable a dialogue amongst the students and encourage research in the Constitutional Law of India and related subjects. Weekly discussions would play key role in achieving this objective and will help the participants to know the fundamental aspects of Constitutional provisions.
  • To promote the scholarship of legislative drafting amongst students and encourage the students to explore this field via workshops and competitions on legislative drafting.
  • To encourage students to critically analyse the judgments of various courts and to understand their ramifications in the contemporary scenario.
  • To provide information and awareness about the present developments in constitutional law.
  • To help students prepare for the competitions based on constitutional law through supply of materials, discussions and guidance. Examples of such competitions are:
    • - Essay Competitions
    • - Panel Discussions
    • - Legislative Drafting Competitions
    • - Judgment Writing Competitions
    • - Debate and Declamation Competitions
    • - Quiz Competitions
    • - Paper Presentations

Our Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit


The Centre shall operate from the Computer Lab.


Advisory Member:

Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Principal, AIL

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Kirandeep Kaur, Assistant Professor of Law, AIL

Faculty Co-Coordinator:

Ms. Tanvir Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor of Law, AIL

Students Committee:

  • Ms. Ananya Puri, (4th Year)
  • Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal (4th Year)
  • Ms. Preyoshi Bhattacharjee (4th Year)
  • Ms. Muskan Dang (3rd Year)
  • Ms. Aditi Singh (3rd Year)
  • Ms. Anabhra Mishra (2nd Year)
  • Ms. Vani Saini (2nd Year)
  • Ms. Kanishka Chopra (1st Year)

Link to CRCLP blog: https://ailcrclp.law.blog/