Army Institute of Law Research Society (AILRS)

Charcter of AILRS

Research plays a very important role in recommending solutions to the existing problems of our society. It also helps to discover and invent new ideas. Through the research society, students will get access to a platform where they discuss and develop diverse ideologies and therefore compete amongst one another to truly benefit from the organization. The legal writing curriculum teaches students how to analyze a practical legal problem. Students work extensively on the techniques of objective legal analysis and in doing so they learn identification and synthesis of legal rules by examining authority, usage of authorities, explanation of a rule to a reader and application of the rule to the facts of a case. A Research Society is bound to benefit the Institute, in terms of Placements and Rankings. The presence of an efficient and working Research society, in any professional college, acts as a catalyst to better rankings.

The Army Institute of Law Research Society shall be hereby called the AILRS.

The rules and regulations provided hereunder shall govern/regulate the research society in the institute.

AILRS shall be responsible for all research activities in the institute; including organization of events, for the benefit of the students mentioned in point no. 10 & 11.

Objective of the society

The Principal of the Institute shall be the patron of the society.

The activities of the AILRS shall be carried out by a Faculty body and a Student body.

Constitution of Faculty Body

(a) The society will function under the supervision of one faculty nominated by the principal who will be the "Research Coordinator, AILRS".

Constitution of the Student Body

(a) The applications would be invited every year for the student body. The students would be selected on the basis of their CV.

(b) The student body will comprise of 4 student members to assist the Research Coordinator in coordinating Research activities.

(c) The student body consisting of four student members who will guide and assist the students of AIL in the methodology of research work for Paper Presentations at Seminars, Conferences, Publications in Journals and Legal Essay Writing.

The AILRS Student Body shall conduct Sessions/Workshops every semester for the benefit of the students. The society will contrive a combination of lectures, exercises, and tutorials to explain the different modes of research methodology. The lectures will introduce concepts and theory with respect to legal research and legal writing; explaining the structure of primary and secondary sources, use of online legal databases, Citation methodology and creating awareness about plagiarism.

The AILRS shall be responsible for aiding the students of the institute with regard to research activities, in any way possible, including personal feedback and interaction system. The Research Society will evaluate the research papers to be published and would give necessary suggestions, if required, to help the students in publication of Research Papers.

The Faculty Body, AILRS for the session 2016-2017 is as follows-

E-mail Id: Mobile No- +91 8146758202;

The Student Body, AILRS for the session 2016-2017 is as follows-